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Kew General Practice is a private billing practice. A reduced fee is offered for full pension card holders. Repatriation/Veterans’ affairs patients are bulk billed at all times.

Childhood, influenza, and pneumonia immunisations can be given by our nursing staff with no out-of-pocket cost (although there may be a charge for the vaccines if you are not covered by the government immunisation schedules).

Fees are payable by cash, credit, EFTPOS or Direct Deposit. The Medicare rebate can be paid directly into your bank account.

Payment is requested at the time of consultation, otherwise an administration fee of $5.00 may apply. If you take an account we request payment within 14 days.  Please note that a non attendance fee may apply if 24 hours notice is not given prior to an appointment.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, patients may choose either standard face-to-face appointments or telehealth/phone appointments. 

Please note that the following fees will come into effect as of 1 March 2024.

Standard Telehealth appointment

Medicare rebate = $41.40**

Monday – Friday (8:30am – 6pm): $95.00
After hours (Monday – Friday after 6pm or on weekends): $105.00

** Please note that no Medicare rebate for telehealth consultations is applicable for patients who have not consulted the practice within the last 12 months.

Standard appointment (5-15 minutes)

Medicare rebate = $41.40

Monday – Friday (8:30am – 6pm):  $95.00
After hours (Monday – Friday after 6pm or on weekends):  $105.00

Long appointment (15-30 minutes)

Medicare rebate = $80.10

Monday – Friday (8:30am – 6pm):  $150.00
After hours (Monday – Friday after 6pm or on weekends):  $160.00

Non Attendance 

Medicare rebate = $0.00

Standard Appointment $40.00
Long Appointment $60.00

Workcover Visits

Please be aware that patients seeing their doctor for new Workcover claims will be responsible for the full payment of their consultation fee.  Once the fee is paid in full to our Practice, the patient will be issued with a receipt and will then be required to liaise with their employer or insurer to obtain their scheduled Workcover rebate.


Patients who already have existing Workcover claims will continue to have their accounts sent directly to their insurer for payment as has been done to date.


Please note that accounts submitted to Workcover for reimbursement, cannot also be transmitted to Medicare and do not attract a Medicare reimbursement.

Our doctors do their best to run on time for appointments but sometimes unexpected issues come up. You can do your bit to help by booking a long appointment if you have an issue that is complex or may take more time. If you have three or more simple issues that you wish to discuss with the doctor, this will also require a long appointment.

Please note that different fees will apply for other services such as care planning and procedures. A full list of fees is available at reception.

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